About Us

Bread & Roses believes Maintaining Dignity is an essential part of the support we give to each individual

Community Shop

Bread & Roses Community Shop

Our Community Shop is available to all. Become a member and you will receive 10% discount on all your purchases and have some funds saved for rainy day purchases or end of month emergencies. Come and talk to us for details.

Telephone: 01427 378215

Community Fridge

Bread & Roses Community Fridge

Our Community Fridge is available for the community to donate and/or take perfectly good food rather than it going to waste. Our Ambient trays are put out daily with a range of free foods and goods.

Telephone: 01427 378215


Voluntary Training & Development Opportunities

Bread & Roses CIC offer a range of voluntary training and development opportunities for those seeking employment or just wanting to give something back to the community.
Visit Join Us for details and enquiries.

Telephone: 01427 378215

Our preferred method of support is via subsidised memberships where we both make a contribution. This can be as low as £2.50 per week and give you access to a large range of foods and goods.

Bread & Roses CIC – Our Mission is simple


To provide free and affordable foods to our members and the public – preventing them declining into the need for food bank provision.


To support those most disadvantaged in the labour market to have access to work experience, training and progress into employment.


To address the cycle of poor health, poverty and social isolation in Gainsborough and the surrounding local communities.